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Despite a contraception programme Lynton & Lynmouth Town Council still plan to cull half the billies. We thought the idea of this programme was to obviate the need for culls. Perhaps those who contributed so generously to this should get their money back!

The Council have been busy removing so called alien trees (alien although they have been with us over five hundred years) and improving the car park. The removal of trees means less cover for the goats and it did not help when contractors left gates open further tempting adventurous billies into entering the village in search of shelter during the dreadful weather.

The real long term answer should include proper maintenance of fencing (once it has been correctly sited at an adequate height) and keeping sufficient cover for the goats. We supported the contraception programme but only on the understanding that culling would no longer be necessary.

Have your say contact the council by email ltc@northdevon.gov.uk

The Council in response have said that the object is "To euthanise a maximum 12 Billies from aggressive group marauding through town. This'll have no impact on science of contraceptive project!"

A response to theirs.

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